How do electronic cigarettes work?

e cigarette australiaAfter the invention of electronic cigarettes which are also known as e-cigarettes by Hon Lik, a well-known world pharmacist, you can have the liberty of smoking these cigarettes anywhere. Even in aeroplanes, workplaces, bars and restaurants you can enjoy your habit of smoking without endangering others.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular all around the world with the passage of time because they ensure safety to the inhaler with its technology and no usage of tobacco. These cigarettes are considered as an alternative as well as a healthier method of smoking as they contain no tobacco like traditional cigarettes. But still, the inhaler can get the flavour of tobacco just like actual cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are one of the least-damaging non-nicotine containing products and they generally look like actual cigarettes. But the difference lies in that e-cigarettes do not require any flame or combustion unlike normal cigarettes and are sometimes called ‘smokeless cigarettes’.

Basically, an e-cigarette is a battery powered device which leaves the flavour of tobacco without any ash, fire or a “smokey” smell.

In traditional cigarettes, tobacco burns after lightning up, whereas e-cigs release smoke by a heating element which contains nicotine or non-nicotine e-juice. The heating element helps in converting liquid to a vapour that is inhaled by the e-cigarette Australia user. 

An e-cig is powered by a lithium battery which is easily rechargeable. The battery is then connected to a hollow tube which is called a vaporization chamber. The vapour is created by an important component of the e-cigarette: the ‘atomizer’. An electronic cigarette Australia user can have the option of attaching a cartridge containing e-liquid nicotine (or a zero nicotine version) to the hollow tube.

The way of inhaling an e-cigarette is just like an actual one. In fact, there is no difference between the design and look of a traditional and an electronic cigarette. At present, smokeless cigarettes are available in the market in various flavours ranging from tobacco to coffee, mint and chocolate.

People sometimes question: are electronic cigarettes safe? Well, it has been proved clinically and scientifically that e-cigarettes are an ideal alternative to tobacco smoking. Although electronic cigarettes resemble the look of normal tobacco cigarettes, their functions differ from conventional ones. An e-cigarette releases a water vapour which contains propylene glycol and a scent which gives you the flavour of tobacco just like an actual cigarette. Some e-cigarettes contain nicotine. However, we don’t sell products which contain nicotine.

Apart from being a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, the most important factor behind electronic cigarettes is that they are in some places completely legal. Unlike actual cigarettes, you can smoke e-cigarettes in prohibited areas like restaurants, workplaces and aeroplane, without causing harm to others (although you should always check local regulations).

like e-cigarettesWhat are the benefits of the e-cig?

There are several benefits that can be enjoyed by an e-cigarette Australia user when using the ecig over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Every day, more people are turning towards e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons, but here are just five that demonstrate the significant benefits that they bring.

Appearance: One of the more subtle benefits of switching to e-cigarettes is the little improvements they make to your appearance over tobacco cigarettes. There are no tobacco stains on your fingers, teeth or clothing when using e-cigs. Furthermore, the debilitating effects that tobacco smoke has on the skin and lips over time is not presents because you don’t exhale smoke - only a water vapour.

e-cigarette costsCost: The cost of tobacco has risen considerably over the past few decades. Today, a pack of tobacco cigarettes is more expensive than ever with no sign of prices going down. Electronic cigarettes are far less expensive even over the short term once you purchase a starter kit.

Convenience: Electronic cigarettes are generally allowed in more places than tobacco cigarettes. Because the danger of second-hand smoke is virtually non-existent, electronic cigarettes are accepted in more public areas. However, it is always prudent to check with the management of any establishment before you use an e-cigarette.

Safety: One of the more overlooked dangers of tobacco cigarettes is that each year many people around the world are injured or even die because they fell asleep with a lit cigarette or embers catch flammable materials on fire. The heating element in electronic cigarettes is only activated when you draw in on the product. When an e-cig is set down, the heating element shuts off and virtually eliminates any chance of catching flammable materials on fire.

Electronic cigarettes offer many advantages to smokers who want a safer, cheaper alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The e-cig has established itself over the past decade as being one of the most successful smoking alternative products ever created.

All accessories and electronic cigarettes sold by do not contain nicotine. 




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